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Canadian Author/illustrator Mickey Maple, will work in conjunction with the Historical Society
and a number of budding young scribes and artists in creating a wonderful masterpiece which
will be cherished for years to come.

This historical fiction book will highlight some of the interesting people, places and events
that helped shape your fantastic county! The book will also document some of the brave heroes
who fell representing your county and fighting for our country in a special section at the end
of the book known as-To you from failing hands.

When completed, this 70 page, full colour graphic novel will be the property of the county. All
proceeds from this book (printed and e-book versions) will belong to the Historical Society.

Author Author!
Mickey will be sharing the authorship with up to 5 budding new authors.
The thrill of being published can now be realized with...The Young Canuckstorian Project!

Mickey Maple has done much of the research. He is just about ready to send the book to
the gallies! He just needs to tie up a few loose ends. He needs your help to finish the
chapter breaks!

Mickey Maple with the help of the archivist and researchers will have the majority of
the book completed and illustrated prior to meeting with his co-authors.

Mickey will discuss with his new writing partners how he wrote the book and the
creative process that he goes through in order to properly write a historical
fiction book. The book will have certain holes that still need the input of the children
as well as the chapter breaks, which are very important in the construction of all
Mickey Maple books.

The chapter breaks are the fact pages which tie the entire project together.

The story uses these people, places and events within the story. That’s

historical fiction! Mickey Maple, with the assistance of the Museum and

Library will help the new authors complete the research and write the page

break...as well as create the artwork! The Books are designed for

young readers aged 9-12.


A public book signing and reading will be conducted
in your town, introducing the newest best seller.
Book reading and signing to include new authors.
Local press release and press kit to be distributed.

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